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Princeton, West Virginia Happy Buyer

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Searching the web for breeders can be a daunting task. So many scammers these days. So many “puppy mills” who only care about the money. Princeton Goldens is a family owned and operated kennel who not only cares about their dogs, but they care about their customers as well.

On February 28, 2021, we adopted our first girl from Terry and Teresa. She was 8 weeks old and weighed 10.2 pounds. From the initial phone conversation with Terry, we felt extremely comfortable. Terry took the time to explain everything. It was such a relief to speak with a knowledgeable professional who knew their stuff. We could call/text Terry anytime, day or night, for updates or questions. He always replied quickly.

Once our puppy girl was born, we received pictures of the litter and individual pictures of our puppy all the way up until the day of adoption to her forever home. When that much anticipated day finally came, it could not have gone smoother. Terry and Teresa have every detail covered. To use the old saying – every “i” was dotted and every “t” crossed. One of the many highlights of getting our pup that day was the opportunity to meet our pup’s mom, Cheyenne. She is gorgeous!

As a further testimony to our satisfaction with Princeton Goldens, less than a year later, we called Terry back. We wanted another puppy! The process was a carbon copy of the first time which made us feel very “at ease”. We could not be happier with our second little girl, who by the way weighed in at 10.2 pounds. At a recent visit to the veterinarian, our vet told us both dogs are perfect and to let the breeder know they produce quality puppies. Oh, the first pup (GiGi) now weighs 70 pounds, and her sister (Sissy) weighs 30 pounds.

Reviewer: The Denison Family, May 24, 2022

GiGi and Sissy

GiGi and Sissy Happy Buyer

Hello from Bethesda, Maryland

My husband and I have had three golden retrievers, all adopted as older dogs. When our last golden, Marley, passed away in March of 2021, we decided we wanted a puppy. Soon thereafter, I was walking near downtown Bethesda and saw a lady walking a beautiful cream-colored golden. When I approached the pair, the dog immediately wagged his tail and turned over for a belly rub. Charmed by his friendliness, I asked the lady where she got him, and she replied, “Princeton Golden Retrievers in Princeton, West Virginia,” and proceeded to rave about the Ratcliffs and highly recommend them as reputable, responsible breeders and lovely people. When I got home, I immediately emailed Terry and Teresa, and soon I was talking to Terry on the phone and discovering just how warm, honest, and responsive this wonderful couple are. More importantly, Terry told us that although this was already May, he could probably promise us a puppy by the fall, so we were elated! Sure enough, in July the Ratcliff’s gorgeous Aspen had a litter of puppies, and in September we made the scenic drive through the mountains to pick up our sweet Macduff. All through the puppy adoption process Terry kept us informed and sent photos, but we were still amazed by our puppy’s handsome looks and perfect temperament when we met him in person. The Ratcliff’s home, with its special mother and puppy nursery, is clearly an ideal place for whelping and raising goldens. And Terry and Teresa really love and care for their dogs, as well as their clients. We always felt like friends more than customers. When we took Macduff for his first checkup, the vet proclaimed him “100 % parasite free” and said such a status, as well as our boy’s general robust health, is a credit to a “careful, conscientious breeder.” We are so grateful to the Ratcliffs for granting us the privilege of adding one of their Princeton Goldens to our family!

Reviewer: Marsha and David Scherbel, September 28, 2021

Duffy & Marsha Happy Buyer


This is our second puppy from Princeton Goldens breeders Terry and Teresa Ratcliff. Our first puppy from Princeton Goldens is Cooper born July 1, 2016. We love Cooper so much when we were thinking of getting another dog to be a playmate for Cooper we knew we only wanted a puppy from Princeton Goldens. On June 22, 2019 we got a little girl from the Ratcliffs and named her Abby. She adores her big brother Cooper. On her first visit to the vets she was declared to be PERFECT. The Ratcliffs produce excellent quality Goldens and it shows when you meet their dogs and puppies. Their puppies are hand raised and develop the best temperament you could ask for. People that meet our dogs comment on how calm and loving they are; and some of these people have Golden Retrievers too. During the waiting process the Ratcliffs were always available for my calls/texts and they would send pictures during the pregnancy and weekly after Abby was born until we could pick her up. When we picked her up they showed us a new, elaborate nursery for their mother dogs and puppies that Terry had built. The Ratcliffs love their mother dogs and the puppies very much. The Ratcliffs puppies are healthy and clean; the nursery is spotless and this is hard to keep up with a litter of puppies. Since this is our second puppy from the Ratcliffs I knew that our little girl would be perfect and she is.

Reviewer: The Dutton Family, September 21, 2018

Abby - On her way home

Cooper & Abby

Abby loves to sleep next to her big brother Happy Buyer

Greetings from Parkersburg, WV

Working with Terry and Teresa was such a wonderful experience. If you are looking for knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring breeders, look no further. The journey to our puppy was a long one. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I joke that they are basically family now, and well to be honest, they are. They came into our lives after the sudden passing of our beloved golden of 12 years. With unsure hearts and absolutely zero knowledge of the breeding world, Terry took the time to educate us and help us through every step. Bringing home Murphy was not easy. Our plans had a sudden change when my toddler became sick and disrupted our travel plans. With all the kindness one could ask for, Terry and Teresa graciously kept our puppy a week longer than anticipated and also sent photos and videos to my heartbroken daughter, who despite being very sick, told every soul she encountered that she was supposed to have her puppy that day. When we finally picked up our puppy, the Ratcliff’s welcomed us into their home and gave us the puppy room tour. A darling little puppy den inside of their house with all the bells and whistles a pup could want. We have been so blessed by our new addition and are always amazed at how smart he is and his infinite patience with two little humans that love him dearly. While no dog will replace the one we lost, we are certainly grateful for the wonderful new addition to our family and the fantastic people that made it possible for him to be here with us. Princeton Goldens will forever hold a special place in our hearts and will always be our recommendation to anybody hoping to own an English Cream Golden Retriever.

Reviewer: The Snyder Family , September 21, 2018 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Delran, New Jersey

Hi Terry! Just wanted to send you an update on Jaxon! He is doing absolutely phenomenal. I could not have asked for a better dog. He is full of energy and life and he has brought a lot of joy to everyone he meets! He is by far one of the most intelligent pups I have ever met and is crushing his training!!! My vet was super pleased with not only his health but his great disposition. I have met up with a few other golden owners in the area and they rant and rave over his appearance. I would truly like to thank you and your wife for such an awesome companion.

Reviewer: Chris Luberski , December 12, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Chantilly, Virginia.

We searched for a reputable English Cream Golden breeder for several months before we found Princeton Goldens. Terry and Teresa Ratcliff, owners of Princeton Goldens, are commitment to breeding quality Goldens that are hand raised in a loving home. The Ratcliff’s were accessible and willing to answer all of my questions about their dogs, and the past litters. They welcomed my calls, texts and requests without hesitation. We felt extremely comfortable in working with them. Even though we do not live near them, The Ratcliffs sent us pictures of the parents, the litter when they were just a few days old and pictures of our puppy as the weeks went by until we picked up our puppy. Since we live far from the Ratcliffs, they helped pick out the puppy for us based on our criteria. Once our puppy was picked out he was given a unique collar that was assigned to us.

Upon arriving for “puppy pick up”, the Ratcliffs invited us into their home and to see the puppies in their “nursery”. I noticed the litter’s pen was clean as well as the puppies. The Ratcliffs gave us a lot of documentation on the pedigree, vet records and puppy information as well as some puppy food. While there we were able to meet our puppy’s mother, Bailey.

A few days after picking our puppy up we took him to our vet for a check-up where he was given a clean bill of health. Our vet said he was a wonderful puppy and liked that our breeder cared for him so well. We would highly recommend Princeton Goldens to anyone looking for a happy and healthy English Cream Golden Retriever puppy.

Reviewer: The Dutton Family , Sept. 12, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Summersville, West Virginia.

My husband and I had been talking about getting a new fur baby for awhile. We wanted to surprise our children for their birthdays and also wanted a play mate for Buddy our 7 year old golden retriever. Terry and Teresa were wonderful throughout the whole process. I could tell right from the start that they genuinely cared about their puppies and were going to make sure they went to good homes. They kept in touch from the time the puppies were born until we picked up our girl. We received weekly updates with pictures and were even offered the chance to come see the puppies anytime we wanted. I loved the fact that they hand raise the puppies in their home and only have 2 litters a year so that the puppies receive the best care and attention possible! Our girl, Magnolia (Maggie) is absolutely the best puppy we could have asked for. She is sweet, playful, gentle, and smart! She loves the kids and Buddy couldn't be happier to have a playmate! I am so grateful that I found Terry and Teresa and that they trusted me to give Maggie the best life possible! She is one spoiled little pup :) We love her so much!! I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for their next fur baby!

Reviewer: Aeriel , Sept. 2, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Staunton, Virginia.

Daisy has been the greatest little addition to my life… I have had plenty of friends, but I must say Daisy has become by far my best one yet. Although she is only 5 months, she is so well behaved and is learning so fast. My boyfriend, Alex and I have taken her on so many adventures and Daisy enjoys them so much! She loves sitting in the front of the canoe like she’s the captain and prancing around when she finds her favorite stick out of hundreds on hikes and carries it the entire way. She loves going on walks, where she receives so much attention from others admiring her beauty—especially her light color. People always compliment us on how well behaved she is. We have done a lot of work with her but she really is just naturally one of the best behaved pups ever! She loves meeting other dogs and other people! Terry and Teresa were so great through the process and let me visit her a few times before getting her. They were so helpful and I was confident that the pups were getting great care from them… Great people and great doggies! So happy I have Daisy :)

Reviewer: Amy, April 29, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Des Moines, Iowa

My fiancé and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a couple months. Little did I know, he was already planning to surprise me with the best Christmas gift I could ever imagine, Cooper. Terry and Teresa were so helpful through the whole process, allowing us to visit Cooper multiple times before we picked him up. They were always willing to update us and send pictures as he grew over the first several weeks. The puppies are raised in their home and receive daily, hands-on attention. Terry and Teresa are such good breeders who genuinely care about the well being of the dogs. We will definitely be contacting them in a couple years when we are ready to get Cooper a playmate!

As for Cooper, he is such a fun addition to our family. He is kind, loyal, and a playful little boy. He loves to go to the dog park, where he gets constant compliments of how handsome he is. He is very good around children and other dogs. He knows how to sit, rollover, and give high-fives. Luke and I feel so lucky to have a great dog like Cooper.

Reviewer: Katlyn and Luke , April 14, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Roanoke, Virginia

My wife Nancy and I started thinking about getting another Golden Retriever around Christmas of 2009. A friend of mine from Fairfax VA, had told me about his Golden that he purchased from Terry and Teresa Ratcliff in Princeton WV, and he highly recommended them. Terry and Teresa had a litter of puppies born on 12-18-09. I have had 3 females over the last 30 years but had never had a male. We decided to get a male from the Ratcliff's. Buying Dakota was one of the best things we have ever done. He is a beautiful dog and has the most loving nature of any Golden I have ever had. I started taking him to obedience classes as soon as we got him. He was easy to train and he loved the attention he got during training. In June of 2011 Dakota earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate.

We are planning on getting another Male from the Ratcliff's this summer if everything goes as planned. Their Golden's have a wonderful disposition and Terry and Teresa are the best to talk to. I highly recommended them They are very down to earth common sense Golden Retriever breeders.

Reviewer: Audie Ferris , March 31, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark

My mother Alice and stepdad Ray Randall from Virginia bought my beloved male Golden Retriever Kashmir from you back in 2009.

I am pleased to tell you that he is the most amazing dog and I can’t even describe to you how much we love him. I am Alice’ daughter Laerke and I was lucky to adopt him from my family after they decided to move to Denmark in 2014. Kashmir was originally my brother Malte’s dog, but after taking care of Kashmir for three months through a renovation I could not let him go, so he is now living happily here in Copenhagen, Denmark with me and my boyfriend.

I tried figuring out how to get in contact with you for a long time, and managed to find you through the papers we have on Kashmir and researching the net. I wanted to let you know how what amazing dogs you are breeding, and is thinking if possible, we would like to have our next dog from you as well :-)

I am studying to become a Veterinarian Tech/nurse at an animal hospital here in Denmark, and has a dream of becoming a breeder myself one day. I am thinking it is getting to late to get puppies on Kashmir as he is getting older - 7 years by december 15 2015, but I am still thinking about it. We also never had him registered in AKC when he was a puppy. Do you know if this is anything you could help get done since we still have all the papers from you?

Well just wanted to say hi and send you a few pictures of Kashmir and to let you know he is in good shape and healthy with a bright futher ahead. Hope to hear back from you.

Reviewer: Laerke Jensen, January 31, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Hardy, Virginia

Good morning! We just wanted to thank you for our new addition. We have named him Porter and he is doing amazing. He is so loving and sweet. He and Bailey are pretty inseparable and Porter likes to imitate her. He has done exceptionally well with potty training also - only one accident. We are just thrilled and in love with him. Thank you for such a beautiful boy!

Reviewer: George and Yvette Kerr, January 30, 2016 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Dear Terry, Teresa and family,

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy healthy new year. We are tired, but we are loving our Finley! She is smart, sweet and just gorgeous. We thank you for your care in breeding such beauties. Our daughter Katie is home for Christmas and is in love with this little cutie.

Warmest regards,
Barbara, Dennis, Katie and Finley

Reviewer: Barbara, Dennis, Katie and Finley, December 24, 2015 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Cambridge, Maryland

Hi Terry and Teresa,
Ella is doing great. She is growing up so fast! Sleeping through the night! And almost housebroke! She is a great addition to the family. Thank you!

Reviewer: Ray and Dawn, November 27, 2014 Happy Buyer

Greetings from Beckley, West Virginia

Hi Terry...Its Melissa Hendrick. I purchased one of your pups from your last litter and just wanted give you an update. We named him Sam and he is absolutely one of the best pups we have ever owned! I cant thank you enough for being a great breeder! I am sorry I didn't contact you before we went on our cruise but one of our friends said she would be glad to keep him for us, and I thought that would be easier on the both of us. Please let me know when you breed again as I would be interested in getting another! Thanks again and I hope you are doing well!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Reviewer: Melissa, November 20, 2014 Most Excellent Breeders

Greetings From Potomac, Maryland

I cannot recommend the Ratcliffs and their Goldens highly enough. They raise a limited number of puppies in a loving home. They love their dogs, and it shows. Their dogs are gorgeous and highly intelligent with the perfect temperament. Our Kodiak (22 months old) is a beautiful dog that loves people and gets along very well with other dogs. He is a wonderful companion, and an absolute joy to have around. He is extremely well behaved and graduated from advanced obedience training with flying colors. (Although we do not intend to show him, two different trainers told me that he has the looks and skills to be a successful show dog.) He is the perfect dog, and we will forever be grateful to the Ratcliffs for helping us to select such an ideal dog.

Reviewer: Robert, September 22, 2012 Beautiful, healthy, happy puppy

Greetings From Middlebourne, West Virginia

My husband and I are very happy with our Golden puppy that we purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Ratcliff. They are very kind, honest, and helpful people. Our puppy, Buddy, is very beautiful, sweet, and intelligent! He is now 5 months old and is completely house trained. He is becoming even more and more handsome the older he gets. He learned basic obedience and several tricks very very quickly and easily. He is a wonderful dog, who loves to fetch and play and go for walks. He is wonderful with our 4 children and other dog. He is very eager to please and to learn. I have never met such an intelligent puppy! We can tell he comes from a very good line of dogs! We are very satisfied with him and would definitely recommend this seller! When the time comes to add another Golden to our family, we will purchase another from Mr. and Mrs. Ratcliff. Sincerely, Marianne Jones

Reviewer: Marianne, July 27, 2012

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